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Our Goals

As a movement and as a film we strive to create a think-tank as we combine the two forms of media for Global impact, Social impact and the platform for the solutions we want to create.


Support empowerment of women…2020-01-16T11:20:45-08:00

… and girls firstly, as activists for change and solutionists and create a movement that then encourages all people to tackle tough problems we face, on the planet, in society and communities, and for women to take the lead.


Thrive in a social media movement…2020-01-16T11:10:40-08:00

…where people engage their ideas and share their conversation and action, BRAINSTORM CREATIVE SOLUTIONS, share their Giants and their grander vision for a better future. @takingdowngiantsnow #TDG


Partner with organizations…2020-01-29T12:01:29-08:00
…in alignment with our mission with venues where the finished film project Taking Down Giants the documentary can be screened to catapult the movement and create a call to action for change. This will implement a formation of  strategic partnerships with groups involved in climate change , gender equality, water initiatives, motivation, agriculture and food supply,  and sustainable living

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Going Up

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