It’s about Social Impact for us and on this page, we will highlight organizations and movements who are taking their work to the public.  Increasing awareness and making change all over the globe. Taking Down Giants in their own way.  Because unity and making a difference should be world-wide.


Social Impact is defined as:

Any significant or positive changes that solve or at least address social injustice and challenges.

Joining together in community.

From Clean water initiatives to activism and cleaning our oceans, to conservation and food supply.

We’re on the front lines and bringing you ways to enhance your awareness and take action in your communities, and Globally!

We’re here to increase audiences and public awareness.  Besides, it helps us to give where we can to others who are sharing in this plight.  We wish to create positive actions around these issues.

For many years, before starting Taking Down Giants and presently, Art journalism and environmentalism has been a joint configuration for me and I keep my interests in the Street Art world.  Now, to see the two worlds connecting and converging into a shared form of beauty and education, it’s very rare.

Our very first feature in this program is PangeaSeed Foundation


PangeaSeed Foundation is a globally engaged nonprofit organization acting at the intersection of culture and environmentalism to further the conservation of our oceans. Their mission is to empower individuals and communities to create meaningful environmental change for the oceans by raising public awareness of critical environmental issues through Science, Education, and ARTivism (S.E.A.).

We were introduced to PangeaSeed  Foundation by Hijinx PR and discovered the amazing work they are doing. As a result, increasing awareness around the world.  Through an amazing program called Sea Walls Artists for Oceans, they are taking Art and combining it with Awareness and Social Impact with Public Art. Conscious Art involving Scientists and combining renowned Street Artists with Local Artists.



Over ten years of work in the non-profit sector, PangeaSeed Foundation has proven their commitment to genuinely interactive initiatives, valuing education as one of their core ideals. By empowering their audience with actionable knowledge, they have armed generations with critical scientific facts about ocean conservation and arrestingly beautiful art, defining ARTivism.

“Art is a weapon of mass construction that touches our hearts. Leveraging the universal power of art, we inspire the world to protect what we love with the generous support of our global network of ARTivists,” said Tre’ Packard PangeaSeed Foundation Founder and Executive Director.

Currently available to the public on the PangeaSeed shop, art-lovers, ocean-lovers, and collectors alike will be able to purchase Sea Change: A Decade of ARTivism for Oceans, PangeaSeed Foundation’s limited edition retrospective art book celebrating ten years of ARTivism for oceans. Based on the nonprofit’s programs, Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans and Printed Oceans, the book features over 100 artists spanning from murals and original artworks to underwater photography captured by founder Tré Packard while in the field for PangeaSeed Foundation projects around the world.

We invite you to take a look at the Murals and the stories that accompany them as well as an interactive Map of the Countries they appear in.

Coral Conch Shell’ by supporting ARTivist Meggs is a perfect example of Artivism. His mural visually represents WWF findings that we have already lost 27% of the world’s coral reefs. We will loose up to 60% of these reefs over the next 30 years if our destructive habits persist.

Artists like Meggs aren’t just playing with symbols, colors and lines, they are harnessing scientific knowledge. His work is a call to action for greater environmental stewardship, while also presenting an innovative visual representation of the very real scientific scenario faced by endangered coral reefs.

“We’re a small-but-mighty team of innovative leaders, visionary creatives, and diverse allies committed to giving a voice to our ocean.”


We recently had the pleasure of entering into conversation with Akira Biondo Director of Operations at PangeaSeed Foundation