Ways to get involved

Here at Taking Down Giants we are moving to a new system of donation process, please bear with us. In the meantime if you wish to be on our donor list please contact us at takingdowngiantsnow@gmail.com to join our donor list. As soon as we are up and running we will contact you.  Every donation is tax deductible and greatly appreciated to aid in our quest for finding and creating solutions around the world.

We welcome you to join in our journey by becoming an active fundraiser. Do you have the skills to reach people in your community or organizations who would love to be in on creating solutions to gather momentum in changing these global issues? On this platform you can create your own Taking Down Giants fundraising platform that is connected to our cause. Just click here and press the Become A Fundraiser button.

Do you have an idea or feel you have the drive to move the movement and the film forward in some way? Contact us via the Contact us page and tell us your story! We’re happy to hear ideas and connect the dots to get you on board! Remember, It takes a Village!

Here are a few things we are looking for at the moment:

  1. Writer for our Newsletter
  2. Social Media Assistant
  3. Fundraising Manager