Taking down Water Hyacinth in Lagos Nigeria

We welcome Achenyo Idachaba and her company Mitimeth top our roster of Women changemakers, a computer scientist and business analyst and environmental consultant.

Achenyo born in Nigeria and spent most of her growing years between America and Nigeria but there was always a yearning to return and devote herself to Nigerian communities and do something more sustainable. Yet she always nursed the idea of going back to Nigeria. ‘I felt it would be good to come back here and do something that would impact lives sustainably.’ In 2009, she finally decided to take what she calls a ‘leap of faith,’ moving to Ibadan to set up an environmental consulting business, where they transform the ‘invasive water hyacinth’ into wereds and weave them into products.  Through a process of trial and error, Achenyo decided to alter her original business idea, eventually founding her current company, MitiMeth, in 2011.